In the past two years the Self-Employment Services program has assisted entrepreneurs complete 29 business plans. 25 of those businesses are successfully operating after one year or more – an 86% success rate! Five clients report that the income from their business meets their needs graph of self-employment servicesto the point that they are no longer receiving disability payments and are completely self-sufficient; four expect they will no longer need disability income once their businesses develop, enabling them to become entirely self-sufficient. The remainder use their business income to supplement disability payments, providing economic independence.

Remarkably, 20 entrepreneurs, or 80%, were not employed prior to launching their business; self-employment made it possible for them to enter the labor market. Five were employed but had difficulty on their jobs due to disability issues; self-employment provided the flexibility necessary for them to maintain employment.

"My business is growing," says one entrepreneur. "The specialist helped me to plan five years down the road, and it’s all working out. She really helped me understand the running of a business and gave me so many resources and good ideas. This is a great program – thank you!"

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